« THE ULTIMATE BUILDING is situated in the heart of Luxembourg-City, nearby the railroad station, and in consequence one of the first and quite remarkable locations to see entering Luxembourg-City by train.
The project was named « THE ULTIMATE BUILDING », because it is situated on the old city border of Luxembourg.
In former times a border guard was to be found in that place. 
THE ULTIMATE BUILDING is filling the gap on a plot with a high potential in user surface, that has been left idle for many years in the past.
A special shape, that perfectly matches the plot and sustainability meet up in this inimitable project.
The surfaces in aluminium, the wooden structure and the composite panels reflect the durability, the elegance and the vitality of the building.
Its organic form and its architectural design make THE ULTIMATE BUILDING a unique place to be with a strong identity. »

iPlan by marc gubbini architectes

Thomas Kaup, architecte

6,550 m² of office space

59 interior parking spaces

High visibility of the project

Bright and flexible areas

Comfort and wellbeing through
modern building technology

Certfication BREEAM Excellent

Direct proximity to the Central
Station and the tram


THE ULTIMATE BUILDING is made of 4 upper and 2 basement floors which provide together approx. 6,550 m² of office space, approx. 500 m² of archives and 59 interior parking spaces. The office space is divisible into 15 units, that can be linked as well.


THE ULTIMATE BUILDING is situated on the edge of Luxembourg-Bonnevoie in the direct vicinity of the Station District where huge real estate projects are ongoing or in preparation. Its location along Rocade de Bonnevoie one of the main access roads to Luxembourg-City and along the tracks of the Central Station guarantees an exceptional visibility while offering prime connection to public transportation.

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